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With over 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry, the founders, instructors and trainers of Global Fitness Online are helping many thousands of people achieve their fitness, bodybuilding and self-development goals.

Our mission and desire is to help the lives of as many people as we can via global-fitness-online.local through our books and video courses! We have the hottest books on the market that will help you improve your life at levels you didn’t imagine!

Some books are written and some carefully picked and published by us, some are small, others are big, some are cheaper and others not so cheap, but they provide a lot of useful information, and they are ALL ON OFFER RIGHT NOW!

We could write a whole big book about the writers, but we don’t really like to talk much about ourselves, we let our books do that, we are here to deliver wisdom to you! We are not the normal type of fitness trainers that write practical exercise books only, but we believe that the spiritual and mental development is the most important for a person, even if he or she wants to become fit! That’s why we have a lot of books in the Mind & Spirit category. Everything starts with the mind, our experience showed us. Everything that exists started by being only a mental idea before it was materialized. And the better mind, the better the idea, and the better the physical result.

“This world needs people of mastery, decency, bravery, humanity and love as never before. Each day offers you an arena, a platform to model the highest we all once aimed to be. Just because being the most excellent person you know may not be the most common pursuit in a world that celebrates the shiny toys of the ego, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand for this ambition – if it feels right to your heart. You are here for a reason. Your life has an original mission. Dismiss your excuses – they do not become you. You are more than the sum of your past. Release all chains. Dust off all doubt. Rise. Dream. Do. We need more lights of possibility.” ~Robin Sharma

Go ahead and try our books! They are on special offer for just a few dollars!