The Religion of the Vedanta and Yoga stands forth as a brilliant guiding star to the student
of Yoga Philosophy and Occultism, inviting him to the mysterious unknown world, which he
would gladly explore, and encouraging him to march onward until he reaches a stage, when all
powers dear to every human heart lie at his command, and all earthly attractions cease to influence
him any more


It is a truism that it is in the nature of every human being to strive for happiness, but
the happiness he gains by his actions, he finds to his utter dissatisfaction and sorrow, is only of a
limited duration. The enjoyments of the senses are transient, and the senses themselves are worn out
by excessive enjoyment. Further sin generally accompanies these enjoyments and makes him
unhappy beyond comparison. Even if the pleasures of the world are enjoyed as much as their nature
would permit, even if they are as intense, as various, as uninterrupted as possible, yet old age in all
its hideous shape threatens him with death and destruction. It should be remembered that the
enjoyments of heaven itself are not in reality more enviable than these pleasures of the senses; they
are of the same nature though more unmixed and durable. Moreover they also come to an end as
they are gained by actions; and as actions are finite their effect must also be finite. In a word, there is
necessarily an end to all these enjoyments.

O little man of little faith! Why do you vainly strive for pleasures, which you know cannot
satisfy you beyond the moment of enjoyment? Look out for an unchangeable, infinite and supreme
happiness which must come from a Being in whom there is no change. Search and find out such a
Being, and if you could only succeed in your quest, then you can get that unaltered happiness from
All the great religions of the world proclaim in one unanimous voice that there is One Being
as mentioned above. This Being, believe me, is not very far from you. He is quite close to you. He
resides in the body-temple of yours, in the innermost recesses of your heart. He is the silent Witness
of your mind, the Watcher of all the activities of your intellect. He is the Supreme Being of the
Scriptures so highly eulogised by Saints, Sages, Yogins, Philosophers and Prophets. This Being can
be realised by all through the practice of Yoga

t is a well-known fact that any number of zeros have no intrinsic value unless the No. 1 is
placed before them. Even so the wealth of all the three worlds is nothing, if you do not lead a
spiritual life, if you do not try to acquire the Spiritual Wealth, if you do not strive for
Self-realisation. You will have to live in the Soul or the Self within. You will have to add Atman to
the life here. That is the reason why Lord Jesus says: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His
righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”
Every one of you is a power in yourself. You can influence others. You can radiate Joy and
Peace to millions upon millions of people far and near. You can elevate others even from a long
distance. You can transmit your powerful, soul-stirring, beneficial thoughts to others, because you
are an image of God, nay, you are God Himself the moment the veil of ignorance enshrouding you
is rent asunder.

You are the author of your own fate. You yourself have created this. You yourself are
entirely responsible for this. You are the architect of your joys and sorrows. Just as the spider or the
silkworm creates a web or cocoon for its own destruction, so also you have created this cage of flesh
by your own actions, attractions, repulsions and false egoism. You have become the slave of the
flesh, slave of your body and mind, slave of countless desires. You are sunk in the quagmire of
deepest ignorance.
Weep not, my child! Sorrow not! A glorious brilliant future is awaiting you! Strive to come
out of this false cage of illusion right now, this very second. If your attempt is true and sincere, if
you endeavour with all your might and main to achieve this end, then by the ready Grace of the Lord
thou shalt drive away these dark clouds of ignorance and shine in your true divine colours, in your
native, pristine glory.



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