Lessons In Yoga Exercises


Salutation to Ă‚dinatha (Siva) who expounded the knowledge of
Hatha Yoga, which like a staircase leads the aspirant to the high
pinnacled Raja Yoga.

Lessons In Yoga Exercises

ogin Swatmarama, after saluting his GurĂ» Srinatha explains Hatha Yoga for the attainment of Raja Yoga.

Owing to the darkness arising from the multiplicity of opinions people are unable to know the Raja Yoga. Compassionate Swatmarama composes the Hatha Yoga Pradipika like a torch to dispel it.

Matsyendra, Goraksa, etc., knew Hatha Vidya, and by their favor Yogi Swatmarama also learnt it from them.

The following Siddhas (masters) are said to have existed in former times:- Sri Adinatha (Siva), Matsyendra, Natha, Sabar, Anand, Bhairava, Chaurangi, Mina Natha, Goraksanatha, Virupaksa, Bilesaya.

Lessons In Yoga Exercises


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