Procrastination can be the death knell of any business and that is doubly
true for your online business. Working for your self requires a form of self
discipline to get the work done as well as strong time management skills.


If your previous work history has involved working for someone else then you may not totally grasp this concept as yet, but read on as we learn about the perils of procrastination.

Procrastination is where you put things off or find excuses for not doing a task that needs doing. Some of the common procrastination techniques employed by online business owners can include spending huge amounts of time on social network sites like Facebook or twitter; taking phone calls when you are supposed to be working on a project for a client; taking too many long lunches or simply not bothering to get out of bed before lunchtime.

All of these examples are timewasters. If you are wondering if
something you are doing is a procrastination technique ask yourself “does this (whatever you are doing) contribute towards my business?” If the answer is “no” then you are procrastinating.



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