51 Calorie Burning Activities


Our bodies need calories. Depending on age and sex, we need anywhere between 2000 and 2600 calories every day. Unfortunately, most of us consume double and triple this
number. The good news is there are many activities that you can do to get rid of those unwanted calories.


51 Calorie Burning Activities

Discover Exactly What Exercises and Every Day Activities Burn The Most Calories…

Calorie counting is an important part of getting into shape. In order to balance out our diets, we need to burn almost as many calories as we consume. Did you know…

  • 2 small chocolate chip cookies contain 102 calories

  • 4 onion rings contain 153 calories

  • 1 glazed donut contains 204 calories

But don’t despair!

51 Calorie Burning Activities can help!

But don’t despair!

51 Calorie Burning Activities can help!

Did you also know…

  • 15 minutes on a treadmill can burn 102 calories!

  • 30 minutes of golf can burn 153 calories!

  • A 60-minute volleyball game can burn 204 calories!

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51 Calorie Burning Activities


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